Lynn Weinberger

Yoga. The first thing you might think of when you hear that word is a series of exercises for developing a strong and flexible body. That's certainly true, but even more importantly it is a complete system of movement, breath, philosophy and awareness for putting your life in balance. When I teach a yoga class I am sharing how the path of yoga has inspired my life. Even though I have been on this path for a long time, I am continuously discovering new facets to explore. The more I study and teach, the more passionate I become about yoga.

To me, yoga is simply authenticity—being true to who you are, performing asana in a way uniquely suited to your body. I consider my classes to be sacred rituals whose goal is to help people become comfortable with themselves and how they feel.

I try to start each class by bringing the attention to the miracle of the breath and encouraging everyone to fall in love with each breath. As a class we breathe and move together, each of us expressing our own unique bodies. From there we move into focusing on our bodies and recognizing any areas that might feel restricted or tight. Long before a condition becomes painful, there is often a tightness which leads to decreased circulation.

We begin movement in a way that leads to relaxation. Once the body is relaxed, circulation is enhanced and a cycle of health and balance begins. Movement links us to the five elements:
Earth. Bending down, touching mother earth, we thank her for sustaining us. Lifting our arms to the heavens is a gesture of beauty expressing our deepest spirit.

Water. Our bodies are two thirds liquid. We flow as water, moving from asana to asana stretching into the kidneys to cleanse and energize.

Fire in the belly is an ancient visualization practice and refers to digestion. Ayurveda recognizes digestion as the source of health and vitality. Using breath and movement we stimulate digestion.

Air. We use each breath to become more aware of our internal condition and how it affects movement into and out of our yoga positions.

Space. Slowing down, lengthening the breath, moving carefully we become aware of the space in our joints and muscles.

We finish our time together by taking a moment to silently thank each other from our hearts for coming together and sharing our practice and generating gratitude for our precious human bodies.

Lynn Weinberger is available for private lessons and consultations.

Phone: (707) 996-4874

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